Ipe Wood – Decking You Don’t Have to Substitute

ipe is highly durable, strong and has a natural resistance to wet or wet conditions, insects and even decay. Is actually these properties which make it the top choice for many commercial and residential uses such as decking and siding. In fact, the famous Atlantic City boardwalk, and many other city boardwalks along the East Coast of the United States are made of ipe wood.

The physical hardness and density of ipe is amazing, particularly when compared to other popular wood types. The Janka test measures wood firmness and it has determined that ipe is over 350% harder than teak wood wood, with a comparing its strength to that particular of metal. This strength and density also can make it one of the heaviest woods available, about 40% heavier than teak. Together with the same fireplace rating as concrete and steel, ipe wood resists flames better and for much longer than most woods and its denseness means it doesn’t drift in water.

Ipe wood decking and siding are highly popular due to ipe’s low maintenance and durable, scratch-resistant surface. As decking or flooring, ipe excellent because the wood finish is smooth with no splinters. Natural ipe is environmentally friendly and doesn’t require the utilization of any toxic chemicals. Its lifespan is about 25 years — the highest possible category available for classification – although some say it could be up to 100 years if maintained properly.

Ipe Woods USA

Buildings with ipe wood siding are guaranteed to maintain their strength even in the harshest environmental conditions, particularly in coastal regions because the natural oils found in ipe make it resistant to decay and mold. Many upscale commercial and residential projects utilize ipe wood as it is a more superior and premium choice as well as being maintenance-free.

Getting such a hard solid wood, ipe has very different methods of installation and uses more advanced manufacturing techniques compared to other woods. To insert anchoring screws into ipe, holes must first be pre-drilled. Of course, the hardness of ipe can make it unsuitable to any intricate detailing. Fresh paint does not adhere well to ipe due to its high oil and tannin content, but the tight grains in ipe give it a very consistent, dark coloring that normally would not require any finish other than Ipe Oil to keep up the rich, beautiful color.

Found in conditions of ipe solid wood cost, it is a material that is moderately priced for all the benefits it comes with. Cheaper than teak, clear grade traditional western cedar is probably best in price to ipe, but ipe wins in every aspect as you won’t be replacing or restoring your ipe solid wood deck or siding every 10 years as you would with other smoother woods that will fracture over time. It is a worthy investment as ipe is a prized outdoor material that will stand long use.

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